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We provide comprehensive in-person or virtual services in Calgary, Edmonton, and rural Southern Alberta. 

Our occupational therapists specialize in:  

  • home accessibility and safety, 

  • aging in place,

  • wheelchair prescription,

  • adaptive medical equipment,

  • mental health,

  • concussion and brain injury,

  • cognition and dementia,

  • post/long-COVID,

  • return to work and ergonomics,

  • and more.

Psychologist's Office

Do you have a new, or change in, health condition that is impacting your ability to perform daily activities?


Does it feel like there is a mountain in your way?

Whether it be temporary or longer, if you are experiencing physical or cognitive difficulty with tasks that are important to you Valley to Peak can help.


Using current, research-based, rehabilitative practices our occupational therapists work with you to identify the barriers in your life, create functional goals, and find solutions.  

We will 'help you move mountains'.

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