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The Valley to Peak story. Where we started and where we are now.


To be a pillar in the medical rehabilitation community by providing excellent client-centered care.


To facilitate an increased quality of life for clients through the provision of education, equipment, and community supports.

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Every individual has the right to access current, evidence-based healthcare services in order to live their fullest life.

Every individual has potential, they just need the tools and support to unlock it.


Clients lead their healthcare journey, as they are the experts of their own lives.

Inclusion & accessibility are universal rights.


It's ok to not be ok. 

Catharine Eckersley

Director & Occupational Therapist 

Catharine specializes in home/work/community accessibility, aging in place renovations/modifications, wheelchair and adaptive equipment prescription, cognition, concussion and brain injury, and long/post-COVID assessment and treatment.

Since moving to Calgary in 2016, Catharine has worked daily in the urban and rural homes of her fellow Albertans. Covering an ~200km radius of Calgary, Catharine has developed an expansive network of trusted vendors, contractors, and healthcare providers for her clients.

In 2022 Catharine added three occupational therapists to Valley to Peak. The team prides itself on assisting clients and their families to navigate the healthcare and insurance systems, coordinate equipment and services, and provide peace of mind.

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