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Functional and standardized assessments are used to make customized recommendations, based on research and practice, specific to your needs. Serving Calgary, Edmonton, and rural Alberta in-person and virtually.

Cozy Living Room

Accessibility & Aging-in-Place 

  • Concerned about your or a loved one's safety in the home? 

  • Having difficulty accessing areas in the home, such as the bathroom, due to mobility?

  • Worried about a parents ability to self-manage medication, finances, or home care?

  • Planning ahead to 'age-in-place' and live in your home as long as possible?

Working Together on Project

Return to Work & Ergonomics

  • Is your working from home set-up taking a toll on your body? 

  • Having difficulty staying at work, or wanting to return-to-work after a recent injury/illness?

  • Wanting to increase your workers productivity and sustainability? 

  • Not just for offices. Whether you work on a farm, at a school, in the service industry, or anywhere in between, ergonomics can help. 


Cognition Brain Injury

  • Experiencing brain-fog, difficulty concentrating, or forgetfulness? 

  • Struggling with fatigue and lacking the energy to take care of yourself?

  • Is your concussion/brain-injury preventing you from participating in important activities? 

  • Are you supporting someone experiencing cognitive decline?

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Mobility & Wheelchairs

  • Having difficulty leaving the house and accessing your community due to mobility?

  • Does your manual/power wheelchair, scooter, or mobility device no longer meet your needs? Or do you need one?

  • Are you exploring transitioning from a manual to a power wheelchair, or part-time to full-time user? 

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  • Struggling post-COVID with managing studies, work, a household or daily activities? 

  • Experiencing fatigue, sleep, cognitive, physical, mobility, and/or mood concerns?

  • Waiting on specialists/COVID clinic appointments but wanting to do something now?

  • Need resources/support from other healthcare providers? 



  • Not all services, or difficulties, fit cleanly in a box, so for everything else there is a general assessment.

  • Driving safety assessments.

  • Medical equipment.

  • Alternate living solutions. 

  • Community/social supports.

  • Funding applications.

  • Insurance and healthcare system navigation.

Initial 1-hour Assessment (from $150, no tax) 

  • Review relevant medical history

  • Discuss areas of concern and goals

  • Complete functional assessment

  • Share recommendations

  • Collaborate on plan

  • Coordinate with stakeholders (i.e. family, healthcare providers, vendors, contractors, employer, etc.)

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