Functional and standardized assessments are used to make customized recommendations, based on research and practice, specific to your needs.

Home Safety & Independence

Unsure what equipment or help you might

need after a surgery? 

Concerned about your or a loved one's safety in

the home after a change in health?


Having difficulty accessing areas in the

home, such as the bathroom, due to mobility?

Worried about a parents ability to self-manage 

 medication, finances, or home care?

Planning ahead to 'age-in-place'

and live in your home as long as possible?

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Work & Ergonomics

Working from home taking a toll on your body? Experiencing shoulder, neck, or low back pain?


Not just for offices. Whether you work on a farm, construction site, at a school, in the service industry, or anywhere in between, ergonomics has benefit. 


Having difficulty staying at work, or wanting to

return-to-work after a recent injury/illness?


Wondering if modifying your duties, how you complete them, or your work environment might help?

Wanting to increase your workers productivity and sustainability? 

Brain Injury, Mental Health & Other

Is anything preventing you from participating in the activities that make you feel like you?


Do you need support navigating a change in life circumstance?

Are you looking for community resources and supports?


Occupational therapy can provide you with cognitive

and mental health support and strategies.


Together, we can help you identify your challenges

and creatively problem-solve, to provide treatment

based on research and proven strategies.

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Post-COVID Therapy

Struggling with fatigue and lacking the energy to take care of yourself, loved ones, your home, and daily tasks? 

Experiencing brain-fog, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and slower reaction/processing times?

Recently diagnosed with POTS or having mobility issues?

Wondering how you will return-to-work or if you will work again?

Having difficulty managing feelings of frustration, sadness, loneliness, anger, and worry?