Functional and standardized assessments are used to make customized recommendations, based on research and practice, specific to your needs.

Home Safety & Independence

Unsure what equipment or help you might

need after a surgery? 

Concerned about your or a loved one's safety in

the home after a change in health?

Having difficulty accessing areas in the

home, such as the bathroom, due to mobility?

Worried about a parents ability to self-manage 

 medication, finances, or home care?

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People Working in Open Office

Work & Ergonomics

Not just for offices. Whether you work on a farm, construction site, at a school, in the service industry, or anywhere in between, ergonomics has benefit. 

Having difficulty staying at work after a recent


Wondering if modifying your duties, how you complete them, or your work environment might help?

Brain Injury, Mental Health & Other

Is anything preventing you from participating in the activities that make you feel like you?

Do you need support navigating a change in life circumstance?

Occupational therapy can provide you with cognitive

and mental health support and strategies.

Together, we can help you identify your challenges

and creatively problem-solve, to provide treatment

based on research and proven strategies.

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